In 2019 Drone Harmony will continue to push boundaries of automation. As new markets start to adopt drone technology at scale, the need for repeatable, robust workflows will drive the drone technology market.

Demand for process automation is higher than ever before and this trend is only likely to accelerate as more demand for drone data will come from complex use cases and environments.


The role of your data

A drone is an excellent tool for generating data around a vertical  infrastructure asset, such as a cell tower, or a building. Whether it is consumed raw out of the camera, or undergoes additional transformation (3d modelling, report generation etc.) to generate business intelligence, the quality of this data determines the value the drone-based digital workflow has for the business.

This same pivotal role that drone data plays is the reason why Drone Harmony takes a broader approach to the role of data in automating drone workflows. This approach stems from the inevitability that to generate quality drone data automatically, you have to use accurate 3d data about the asset and its’ environment, just like self-driving cars need to have a great understanding of the shape of the road and other vehicles on the road to navigate safely. The sources of such data range from maps and DEMs to full meshed or CAD models for the asset. In fact, the drone data itself and its derivatives, captured perhaps at earlier time, can serve as an excellent 3d representation for the purpose of mission planning.

In 2019 Drone Harmony will continue to improve the value for its customers by further automating the mission planning workflow through the seamless integration of 2- and 3d data platforms in the planning workflow.

Drone Harmony is expanding to new platforms

As Drone Harmony transitions from being a mission planner to becoming a data platform directly interacting with both down- and upstream pieces in the digital workflow, it becomes necessary to expand the scope of computational platforms that run it. Therefore, we are excited to announce that early 2019 will see the release of Drone Harmony’s web-based desktop application. The web-based application will not only introduce Drone Harmony’s Customers to a new interface for mission planning, but will also comprise a powerful computational platform enabling a myriad of new capabilities designed to generate better drone data in a robust and reliable way.

A final prediction

We predict that 2019 will be a breakthrough year for the industrial drone market, in which many new industries will include drones at scale in their digital workflows. This transition will be triggered by increased robustness of drone-based workflows, driven by unprecedented strides in process automation, in which Drone Harmony will play an important role.

2018 has been an exciting year for Drone Harmony and our active community. Read about the main highlights in our recent article Drone Harmony, 50,000 autonomous flights later – 5 lessons that we’ve learned.

11 thoughts

  1. Looking forward to the Web based planning, I hope it will be available for the basic version, as a user in his latter years it will be alot easier to plan on a PC than a small tablet. Love the app by the way, the more I use it the more I find I can do. Keep up the good work thanks.


    1. Hi OzzyP3S,
      We intend to release the web platform in a similar categorized fashion as our app products. So you can expect that basic access to the web-based platform will be included as part of the basic license.
      Best regards,


  2. This is great news for the likes of us small businesses.
    Looking forward to the web platform.
    Any idea on when/how early in 2019 and any plans to include basic shapes like squares/rectangles like you’ve included circles?

    Love the product and find it an indispensable tool for our survey/inspection planing.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your question, and we’re really pleased to see that you enjoy the product.

      In regards to your question, we plan to add some additional shapes after the release of our web platform, which will happen within the next two weeks.

      We’ve posted your question into our forum, and you can also find the answer there. For any further questions please feel free to post it in the forum –


    1. Hi Peter,

      The web platform is coming very soon. Stay tuned. We will publish the relevant information on how to get access to it as soon as it is out on all Drone Harmony platforms.

      Best Wishes,



    1. Hi Tomas,

      Thank you for your interest! We do not have an iOS version planned in the short/medium term. It is a mainly matter of focus and resources. We will, however, release a web-based platform very soon.

      Best Wishes



    1. Hi Tomas,

      Thank you for your interest and comment! We do not have an iOS version planned in the short/medium term. It is a mainly matter of focus and resources. We will, however, release a web-based platform very soon.

      Best Wishes



      1. Hello David,

        Thanks for the info. I can understand that developing both for Android and iOS is nearly impossible as a small team.

        But even with the web-based platform I would still need an Android device, right?

        Kind regards,


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