We have set many goals for 2020. One key goal is to increase our support of the Drone Harmony community. As a first key step in engaging with, and supporting our customers, we are staring a regular webinar that will provide a simple, visual and interactive introduction to the basics of Drone Harmony’s platform.

Watch the recording of our Webinar Get started with Drone Harmony.

The webinar is a great place to get started with Drone Harmony. At the same time, we design the webinar to include both basic and more advanced tips, information on new and upcoming updates and more. Hence, also seasoned Drone Harmony users can benefit from tuning in. Our goal is to establish a recurring webinar series on both general topics such as Drone Harmony’s platform, as well as industry-specific topics, such as best practices for drone data capture in the Cell Tower Industry. Most webinars will be recurring and recording will be made available to our users who cannot attend the live webinar.

Our first webinar focuses on the basics of Drone Harmony: scene-centered workflow, map and 3D interfaces, creating scenes, automatically generating missions, using Drone Harmony cloud etc.

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